High School Diploma FAQs

You should plan on 6-10 hours of concentrated time in our testing/tutoring program. The length of time you take will depend on your individual performance, how quickly you move through the testing material, and how much tutoring you require. We are able to provide these services in small blocks of time (1 hour per session) or in larger blocks (2-3 hours per session). The total number of days or weeks for your program will depend on how often you can commit (based on your availability), and the length of each session.

NO.  Our program is specifically designed to meet the needs of adults who didn’t complete high school and are now beyond high school age. We certify that our graduates have demonstrated competency in the core educational requirements of the Adult Basic Education program, the universally recognized by the United States Department of Education, standard of achievement.  The testing materials we use are published by McGraw-Hill, a widely known and highly respected producer of education resources, including text books and testing systems. Due to the uniqueness of our cutting edge program, we are not subject to the standard requirement of traditional schools and, therefore, offer the credentials of our program itself, as well as the growing list of agencies, employers, institutions, and educators who accept and verify our results. Our graduates have used their diploma from School of Success to gain access to education and employment opportunities that were otherwise closed to them.

Reading is an essential skill in our culture and is required for high school and Adult Basic Education completion. We will suggest an alternate route for those with reading difficulties.

YES!  Keep in mind that the purpose of our program is to provide performance-based certification for adults who want to enhance their success in our American culture. Most schools and employers will require English literacy in both spoken and written forms. If you have a different primary language, you should still be able to read, write, and speak basic English in order to function adequately in our society. Our testing program will help identify your level of English proficiency, and we will offer alternate routes for success, as needed.

NO. Certainly not!If you’ve always wanted a diploma, or if you are finding it hard to get ahead in life through adequate employment or education, contact us today. There is no upper age limit for acceptance into our program. You will find that completing our diploma program will open doors you never imagined possible, and will literally change you future – and your life! Adults who have been away from school for a long time often have anxiety about whether they can pass our testing program. Don’t worry, we’ll help you through. Once you are admitted to the program we guarantee you will succeed with our unique testing/tutoring methods. We welcome calls and applications from adults of all ages.

NO.  “Diploma mill” is a term generally used to describe a company that will sell you a piece of paper that says “Diploma” on it, but has no testing or performance requirements. It is NOT a certification of educational achievement or an indication of meeting any level of requirements or standards. School of Success offers a performance-based diploma, based on solid educational methodology using our unique state-of-the-are testing/tutoring system. A person with a diploma from our program can proudly affirm that they have met the standards, fulfilled the requirements, and demonstrated competency in the basic academic areas for Adult Basic Education.

These programs are sometimes also referred to as “paper factories”. There are virtually no academic requirements to obtain their piece of paper that says “Diploma” on it. There are no classes, no tests, no performance, and no evidence of competence in the subject areas. A person simply fills out an online application, gives minimum information, and submits that with a payment. This person ends up with a piece of paper with the word “Diploma” on it, but it is not accepted as an authentic, earned verification of academic performance.

Some of these programs have something they call a test. However, it is quite simple, takes an hour or less to complete, and is not recognized as a valid measure of a student’s abilities. Some people have said that a diploma from one of these programs isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. We disagree. We believe it is worth the paper it’s printed on, but not much more!

YES.  Our students have considered the completion of our program a major achievement and have been proud to be recognized accordingly(it is optional). Parents, grandparents, and even the children of our graduates have gathered for these ceremonies and helped to honor their success. These events have been very meaningful and memorable. However, the ceremony is not a requirement, and those who do not wish to participate, for any reason, can certainly make that choice.

We work with our students to learn where their next steps will take them.  For those who want to pursue further education in trade school, tech school, specialized training, or college, we help build the bridges to those school opportunities.  In most cases, we are successful in guiding our students to those next steps, and helping them in the enrollment and admissions process.

There are some fine online programs available, but the ones that are authentic are fairly demanding in terms of reading, studying, classwork, and testing. These programs offer real subjects, are usually well accepted in the employment and education worlds, and are well suited for those who have several months to complete their program. These programs can also get rather expensive, depending on how many classes or credits you need to complete. It wouldn’t be unusual to pay $200 – $300 per class. If you have five classes to complete, you will be putting in up to $1500 and lots of hours.

NO.  You need to realize that any employer and any educational institution has the right to accept or deny any diploma at any time.  Our diploma is widely accepted and accompanied by an official transcript when submitted to post-high school colleges and training programs.  We will help you through the process and can give you a good idea as to whether your diploma through our program will get you to where you want to go.

YES.  There are several options available to you for financial assistance. Contact us to get your personalized financial assistance information.  We work very hard to make sure that money doesn’t become an obstacle between our students and their Diploma.