High School Diploma Program

A diploma from School of Success shows the world that you have demonstrated competency in the basic subject areas of Adult Basic Education. For adults over 18 years old, this will be regarded as your High School diploma, which is what most employers are looking for.

This diploma is achieved through our unique method of standardized testing, supplemented by targeted tutoring (micro-lessons), as needed.

Here’s what you need to know about our diploma:

  • Available to all ages, 16* and over
  • Includes an official transcript showing school subjects, letter grades, and GPA
  • Is performance-based through testing, rather than the traditional classroom approach
  • Can be completed in literally a few weeks (that’s why we call it “Fast-Track”)
  • Is accepted almost everywhere – opens doors that are otherwise closed, such as employment, education, military, etc. (that’s why we call it “Fresh-Start”)
  • Is open to all people regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, etc.
  • Has been earned by over 4,000 students who have gone on to better, brighter futures
  • Is reasonably priced, and scholarships are available
  • Can be your ticket to success, a big step toward the fulfillment of your dreams

Disclaimer: Any employer or educational institution has the right to accept or deny any diploma at any time. Contact us for more information.

*under 18 varies by location, please contact for more information